Project of the pedestrian tunnel market Hamidiya with the rehabilitation of the market Hamidiya


Trabulse contracted with the Governorate of Damascus to carry out a pedestrian tunnel project linking the Palace of Justice in Damascus and the market of Hamidiya. The tunnel was 9 meters deep from the road level and 60 meters wide. It contains shops and an electric staircase to get up and get out of the tunnel.

The project of maintenance of the Hamidiya market was the restoration of the pillars that have existed since the establishment of the market and the re-paving of the market road with the stone from the first market and even the courtyard of the Umayyad Mosque with work on the infrastructure in the project as a whole. The project was carried out at a record speed that reflects our experience in construction and construction. The completion period was 60 days from the beginning of the project until its completion.