Salma Tower Project


Division 476 Floors – SALMA BUILDING

Qudsaya suburb, one of the cities of Damascus, the capital in Syria, was geographically located in the countryside of Damascus, but the suburb of Qudsaya became a city of Damascus, not its countryside, a mountainous suburb spread buildings and buildings on the slopes and the summit of the mountain and is located near the project destroyed modern modern buildings and towers, the city began Qudsaya suburb takes its role as a population with modern residential towers and a candidate to accommodate more than one hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants in a short period, and now it is full of people coming from Damascus and its countryside and a large number of arrivals from other governorates, where the population is now about five hundred thousand The numbers are increasing b Speed, after its population at the beginning of 2011 about 65 thousand, was active years ago the pace of work at all levels, and perhaps the visits of Mr. Prime Minister played a key role in raising the pace of work towards completion, and came the youth housing project to provide a major boost, as It is a logical and reasonable solution to housing problems for young people who want to find solutions to their living and social conditions.

There are several commercial markets, the most important of which are Al-Mu’tasim, Ebla and the Red Market. These markets provide all the requirements of citizens, where there are several shops, restaurants, electric shops, car offices, real estate offices and many more.

The modern suburb of Qudsaya is full of housing projects. Its buildings, which rise for more than 15 floors, were still in need of more services and growing activities on the practical reality of residents and those wishing to settle in this promising modern area. In 2011, the construction of a bridge and under it a long and completely modern road ends with a bridge between the suburb and the project destroyed and witnessed a great development in the housing of young people as well as the majority of its areas.

About Al Jazeera 19

It is a hill in the west of Damascus, located south of the suburb of Qudsia and is an extension of The Island 23 in the project destroyed

Spacious garages and great views of the suburb

The plan of the island 12 and 19 is 150 elephants and 35 towers and two floors


Division 476 Floors

  • Shared service cellar
  • Residential cellar with gardens
  • Four floors recurring
  • Each tile consists of 6 apartments
  • Trends
    • Northeast 126 sqm
    • Northwest 138 sqm
    • East-west 143 sqm (two)
    • South West 138 Sq. m.
    • South-east 126 sqm


  • Designed in the modern style witha super deluxe exterior
  • State-of-the-art external insulation and last surface insulation
  • Electrical feed and the hyphen of the apartment
  • A healthy public sewer
  • Electric elevators number 2
  • Entrance floors and marble staircase
  • Private room for the nator
  • Equipped service cellar
  • Outdoor night lighting for construction and entrances






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